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No Bad Hair Days with Vitress Hair Solutions

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We all have our fair share of having a bad hair day, for sure.  I myself had experienced it not just once in my life.

I had never invested so much in hair care products, nor put so much attention in making my hair look beautiful, mainly because I thought any product that I will apply would only make it look wispier— since I naturally have fine, thin hair.

Aside from the typical shampoo and conditioner, over-the-counter hair treatments and colorants are the only hair products that I commonly purchase and use for my hair, at present.

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Vitress Hair Solutions

One hair treatment that has been around for a long time, and probably one which almost all of us are familiar with is Vitress.

Vitress offers scientifically formulated hair solutions products enhanced with vitamins, minerals and natural moisturizers for our main hair problems.

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Vitress Hair Polish (Strengthening) | 50 ml | PHP 39.00

This is a hairstyling cream enriched with Vita Strength formula— that helps strengthens hair and prevents hair breakage and frizziness. It also helps in taming fly-away hair.

I use this as soon as my hair dries after I showered. This is the first product that I use in my post-shower hair care routine. My hair tends to break easily so I would often see a lot of hair fall whenever I comb, but this product helped in keeping my hair strong. After using this continuously for a few weeks, I noticed that my hair fall lessened and my hair become smooth, shinier and healthier.

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Vitress Heat Protect Cuticle Coat | 30 ml | PHP 79.00

Formulated with Thermo-Sheild Complex, this cuticle coat nourishes and revitalizes hair from the harmful effects of constant heat styling.

After applying the Vitress Hair Polish, I follow up with this before styling in order to protect my hair from the heat of the flat iron or curling iron.

Vitress Hair Freshener Image

Vitress Hair Freshener | 50 ml | PHP 55.00

A fragrant hair spray-on infused with InstaFresh Technology that leaves hair smelling fresh instantly and eliminates bad hair odor. I take this with me daily, and this is my most used and favorite among the three Vitress hair products.  I like to apply this to my hair after heat styling or before I leave the house. The scent may fade after several hours, so I see to it that I re-apply even before my hair gets smelly from eating in or from air pollution.

Watch my hair care routine ft. Vitress Hair Solutions:

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