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Lux Pink Soft Touch Moisturizing Body Wash [Review]

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Using body wash wasn’t my thing before because I had this slimy experience from a random body wash brand that I had tried. After several years of being a body soap gal, I gave using body wash a try again.

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Lux Pink Soft Touch Moisturizing Body Wash | 250 ml | Php 120.00

This Lux Pink Soft Touch Body Wash was sent to me by Sample Room PH as a complimentary gift for being a VIP member. I have this habit of smelling beauty stuff each time I get my hands on them, so upon receiving the item I immediately smelled it— and loved it, and told myself, “I am going to the shower!”

LUX Body Wash Review Philippines Image

The body wash smells really good— like a rose, and would definitely make you want to throw yourself into the shower several times daily. Its pearlized pink liquid texture would surely make you feel luxurious. This combination will give you the refreshing bath time anyone will ever need.

I use this with a microfiber washcloth, sometimes with a loofah,  wet the cloth with water a bit then apply it straight to my damp skin.

I only use a dime size amount for my whole body since a little amount of the product goes a long way. After rubbing the cloth to my body, I like to leave it for a few minutes because I feel like this would make my skin absorb the benefits that the body wash could give. Then, I wash my body with warm water and follow it with a blast of cold water to close my pores.

My skin instantly feels smooth, moisturized, fresh and fragrant after using the Lux Pink Soft Touch Body Wash until my next shower. I also find that continuous use of this gives a permanent result, so I recommend you to use the product until it’s finished.

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